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September 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I am so grateful for the families that have believed in me, trusted me, and supported me throughout my years in business. Jess and her family have trusted me with documenting their families throughout the years, and there just aren't enough words to say just how much that means to me. Not only have they recommended me to their own friends and family, but those referrals have stuck with me as well. In a market where there is so many choices and often times, choices that are less expensive than me, I am always flattered when I am chosen.

This family is so close and spend so much time investing in each other physically and emotionally and it is just so amazing to watch. When Jess asked if I would be interested in an extended family session where we could capture her family, her sister's family and this time include grandma and grandpa, I was totally and completely on board! Needless to say, the whole session was chaotic and messy, and the kids took turns with a few meltdowns, but you know what.... it was perfect. This is real life, these are real moments, and I wouldn't trade it for the wold.

I know I rant on about it quite often, but these moments, they truly are everything. Life zips by and in the blink of an eye children are grown and life is ever changing.

Here are some of my favorites from our session together:

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