My Iceland Adventure - Travel Photography

August 03, 2017  •  3 Comments

I have long loved to travel and of course being a photographer love documenting my travels. I for many years felt like my images just didn't do what I was seeing justice and felt like they just fell short in documenting what I had experienced and lived.

I have taken a couple of workshops and purchased breakouts over the last couple of years that really helped me grow in this area, one of them being Photography on the Fly by Kirsty Larmour. She is incredibly talented and when she came up with the idea to blog our travels this year, I was all on board. She has long inspired me with her ability to capture all the details and adventures her and her beautiful family experience during their travels. Head over and check out her latest blog here.

Also head on over to Alexandra Mojica's blog of her beautiful trip to Japan with her children, it is incredibly beautiful and she has such a unique perspective on everything as she grew up here.

I have been drying to share images from my amazing trip to Iceland in late March-early April and as the story of my life goes, I am perpetually behind on blog posts. Iceland has long been on my bucket list (pretty long list, by the way) of places I have been dying to visit. I have long been fascinated by the Northern Lights and have always dreamed of seeing them in person. Iceland's raw beauty and remote locations have long called to me. When my friend Stephanie shared the same dreams in a casual conversation at work, we vowed to do it together. As we planned, we were lucky enough to have three other friends gladly jump on board with us! I was fortunate enough to have traveled with each of the 4 of the other women on various trips, but some of them were meeting each other for the first time.

The trip turned out amazing, and Iceland surpassed all expectations on so many levels. It's beauty was even more raw than I imaged. We rented a car and spent 5 days touring the lower half of the island. My only regret is not staying longer and seeing the whole island. The locals were incredibly inviting and friendly.

By night 3 I was becoming increasingly worried we wouldn't see the Northern Lights. We traveled during this particular time of year because it was the tail end of the season to best view them, and our first three nights just had too much cloud cover, despite our best efforts to escape the city lights of Reykjavik. We finally hired a local to help us find them when we saw the odds were great for this particular night. I still get a bit breathless when I relive that moment. I had tears in my eyes as I watched them dance through the night sky, constantly moving and changing as we watched them in awe and wonder. We spent nearly two hours watching them dance through the night sky.

Here are some of my favorites from our trip (warning in that there are a ton! ). Thanks for looking!

blue lagoon iceland blue lagoon iceland coffee in iceland pub in iceland streets of reykjavik golden circle iceland girls trip to iceland golden circle iceland church steeple iceland icelandic horses icelandic horses Reykjavik skyline Reykjavik harbor harpa in iceland reykjavik hotdog iceland hotdog northern lights in Iceland Northern lights Iceland crashed airplane in iceland black sand beach iceland


Anda Panciuk(non-registered)
I have seen a lot of these already, but it's so nice seeing them again! You don't need to worry about how you capture your travels anymore, Lisa, if your Iceland photos are any indication. They are all stunning!!!
Andrea Ferenchik(non-registered)
Wow! This is so fabulous. I cannot believe you got to see the Northern Lights. I am so jealous as this is on my bucket list. These photos are perfection. I love each and every one of them!!!
Kirsty Larmour(non-registered)
Oh my gosh!!! Iceland has been on my list for a long time too and this has not helped!!! I am SO happy you saw the Northern Lights, but seriously every photo made me swoon - how rugged and beautiful. You captured the atmosphere of the place just wonderfully
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