Las Vegas Family Photographer | My beautiful daughter and her babies

July 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This is my oldest daughter Erika and my adorable grandsons Mason and Hayden. This poor mama has had a really rough year and it has been so hard to see her struggle through it. Watching her grow up amid so much grief and adversity and watching what she has done with all of that in her life has been one of my life's greatest rewards. You meet people in life who go through the hard things and what you are really left with is what a person is made of. It has always amazed me that there are people out there that rise above, don't make excuses, and become all the better despite the obstacles they have been given. That right there is this beautiful woman. She has a light about her and a heart that loves, forgives, and invests in others over and over. I am incredibly proud of her. Just as the adversities before, she has taken this new life she has been given as a single mother and kept her head above water even when I know it has been incredibly tough and overwhelming for her. She is working full time on a degree, working two jobs, and raising these two adorable boys. She gives all of these her full and complete self. She is such an incredible mom and I know that although she doesn't always see it, she is modeling for her sons what a woman should look like, how to love, and go the full measure for those you care about, and that is an incredible gift to give them. She loves fiercely and deeply.

She was home for a week for my nephews wedding and we got the opportunity to capture her and her two boys in a little mini session to document this time in her life and this stage in their childhood. Sure do love her.


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