Las Vegas Family Photographer | A mama and her babies

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I have known this beautiful mama for a long time, she grew up with my oldest daughter here in Las Vegas! It is hard to believe that she is now grown and has such a beautiful little tribe of her own. We had tried to narrow down dates for quite a few months, and being a military family with this many littles it was a feat all in it's own. She finally settled on a session with her and her children without her husband before their assignment changed and they were off to another home!

Now in the past, I would have dreaded a session like this; all these little ones, with no extra help, and the possibility of some grumpy kids and frustrated mom. But something really changed for me over the past year and a half and in the way I now approach family sessions. After having frustrated parents when we couldn't get all the kids to look at us at the same time, always a rogue child wanting to march to his own drum, and dads who just wanted it to be over, and I can totally get it. What sounds fun about that?

I no longer pose. I will group members of families together and just keep everything fun and light and really try to hone in on those connections, and capture some real and intimate moments. Because, isn't that what family is really all about? Every little member has their own little personality and isn't that what you really want to remember? So yes, I will always strive to capture a nice shot of everyone looking at me for grandmas and grandpas and to hang on walls, but it's not my main goal. I want that mama to remember those little features of her kids, to remember what they looked like tight in her arms. And I have to say, I adore family sessions now. We run, we play, and we have fun!

Here are some of my favorites of Amanda and her beautiful little family:

las vegas photographer amanda gentry and family session with mom and four little children mom walking with children family running


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