24 Frames. A Filming Project: March- Video Portrait

April 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I am so excited to be a part of this project with fellow photographers from the Clickin' Moms forum. I have met some amazing photographers, and have developed some amazing friends along the way. I joined in 2010 and it has by far changed my whole path in photography, as I am continually inspired, pushed, and driven by the talent that I see there. I have always wanted to learn videography and have just this year begun to dive into it through workshops and projects, and am excited to see where this new path will take me. This project is full of some crazy talent (be sure to follow the blog circle to see exactly how amazing it is).

As soon as I saw this month's theme, I knew exactly who I wanted to use as my subject. My oldest daughter Erika has faced some particularly tough struggles in her life and has had a really rough year as she experienced a pretty tough divorce. She is the most amazing mom, and an incredibly resilient human being. She continues to smile, to push forward, to love those around her, and sets an incredible example for her two sons of what strength and determination are. She loves deeply and has the most forgiving heart of anyone I know. She has struggled her whole life with self confidence and although those around her tell her how incredible she is, she has never really believed it. As she has come out the other end of this year, I can see it in her face and her whole persona. She is smiling again, laughing, and seeing her true self emerge, it has been incredible to watch. She is raising two boys, furthering her education as a full-time student, and works two jobs. I love this daughter of mine dearly.

This month I am linking to Anita Perminova. She is an incredibly talented on of the moderators of this project, please head on over and check out her project this month.



24 Frames: A Filming Project~ March Video Portrait from Lisa Weingardt on Vimeo.


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