Las Vegas Photographer | Click Away with Bre Thurston

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People often ask me how I got into photography and how I learned everything I know, and both answers are a bit lengthy to add into one post, but I always tell everyone who asks emphatically that Clickin' Moms Photography forum has been a huge part of my photography journey. I joined the forum in 2010 after upgrading to my first DSLR, I wanted to learn how to shoot with my camera and wanted to take the best pictures that I could. I had a new grandson and so being able to capture his little life was really important to me. As I searched the internet I came across this forum and it has changed so much for me. It is so full of incredible information, tutorials, workshops, breakouts, and I have developed the most amazing relationships with my online 'friends' over the years! It has taken me years to feel confident as a photographer and I still have so much growing to do, and so much more that I want to excel at.

For the past three years Clickin' Moms has held an amazing annual photography event Click Away. I was unable to attend the last two years due to schedule conflicts and this year I was finally able to attend and was it was held in Seattle of all places! I have flown through Seattle but never had the opportunity to really explore it, so I was over the moon that I would get to experience this incredible event in such a cool location, and let me tell you.. it was even cooler than I imagined! The event was three days packed full of workshops, talks, boutique sessions, and meet ups with people I had been dying to meet in person. It was indescribable! My second day of workshops included a family session with Bre Thurston and I was really excited to see a photographer that I was such a huge fan of interact with this family and share her wealth of information with us. This family showed up looking so perfect in their outfit choices and were so much fun to work with. The kids were so adorable and when you get to the end of the post you will see what they had to work in front of, and they nailed it! I mean literally nailed it! Even dad was so laid back and so much fun to work with. I haven't edited all my sessions from the event as I came home to the busy holiday season, but did have to jump right in on this one because it was my favorite of the entire event!

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