Little Loo Photography | 2017 Favorites

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It is here! My annual favorites from 2017. I love looking back on the year and picking my favorites from each session. Sit back and enjoy.

Be sure to check the previous blog post below (or click on the link) for the changes coming to Little Loo Photography in 2018!

2017 Favorites from Lisa Weingardt on Vimeo.


Little Loo Photography - The Story

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Wow, what a year I have had! 2017 brought so many blessings along with unexpected and amazing twists in both my personal and business life. It seems I end every year in a deep and reflective mood. I am such a goal-oriented person and tend to approach things in a direct and orderly method, I am a list-maker, a serious planner, box-checker kinda girl. It has served me well in so many areas of my life, as I do tend to stick to my plan until I achieve it, but on the flip side, it often boxes me in and allows little room for creative twists and changes, and boy is life full of those!

One of my main goals for 2017 was to dive into the world of film. I have always been fascinated by film and the stories that can be told through this form of medium. Just like so many of you there have been people and events in my life that have changed the way I see the world, and who I am as a person. Often times for me it is the painful moments in life that have really dug deeply and changed me to the core, but there are also the little things, the moments that people probably aren't even aware of that have brought on deep reflection and changes in how I see things.

Leading to my desire to really want to learn and develop in the world of film were two key characters in my life. My Uncle Norm, and my brother-in-law Keith. Both of these family members were the ones that were present at family functions with a video camera in hand capturing moments. I just remember feeling totally awkward when they would come at me with their cameras, and so found it a bit of an annoyance more than anything. Sadly, both of these family members are now gone. They have left us all with so many wonderful memories, and were both such positive and loving human beings. But you know what they really left that impacted me on such a deep level? Those dang videos!! My sister went to work on converting some of those videos from when her children were young, and as she did so and she posted them for us all to see. I was just in awe of how quickly they took me back to that moment in time. How they captured that moment just as it was, the voices, the mannerisms, the connections, they captured it all in film and what a gift their children and family now have.

I set a goal to invest in workshops to grow in this area and invested in three: one by the incredibly talented and inspiring Courtney Holmes, a birth photography workshop with Rebecca Coursey, and another as a study along with Hailey Bartholomew. (I was inspired years ago by Hailey's Gratitude Project) . I joined a group project with an incredibly talented group of women- 24 Frames: A Filming Project where we have a monthly theme. I still have quite a bit of growing to do in this genre, but have loved every single second of it and am committed to continuing to grow in this area.

As my year went on I documented clients that had struggled with infertility, families that had lost children and the very difficult process of trying to capture family portraits when they felt the very real void of that family member. I documented a family that wanted pictures with mom before she started chemotherapy and would begin losing her hair after a tough diagnosis. I documented families whose lives were forever changed as they welcomed a new child into the world. Every family I photograph has a story to be told and telling them has been incredible.

I made a documentary film of my parents life, and it was so incredibly rewarding. Hearing them tell their life stories and how they met, and being able to have that for so many years to come, and the ability to pass it on to my children and grandchildren is everything. Here is an excerpt from their video.

short clip dad and camille from Lisa Weingardt on Vimeo.



As I continued to delve into film, I continually found myself drawn to stories, and in fact it was a conversation with my sister that really made me realize that this is what called to me. My grandpa was a printer and storyteller and was so great at documenting our family's history. He made a book for each of his children and grandchildren before he passed to carry on that story. My sister casually mentioned that I too was a story teller, and it just kinda sat there, and then it dug in a little bit, and it really made me realize that I am completely drawn to the story. Human beings are amazing, it continually amazes me that every person walking this planet has their own story. A story that is woven and developed through their existence in this world, their stories interweave and touch the lives of those around them, sometime in positive ways, sometime not, but they are all meaningful and they are all just under the surface waiting to be told. I think that is one of the aspects I love about being a labor and delivery nurse and photographer. I get to be a part of such an intimate part of peoples lives, I get to be a part of their life story, and it still just reaches deep inside of me and just pulls right on my heartstrings. I am incredibly blessed in being given this opportunity in both fields.

 I have had clients ask me about photographing births or Fresh 48 sessions, but have always shyed away from that, truthfully out of fear. So much of my identity has been as a labor and delivery nurse, and to be honest so many nurses and doctors have no idea that I have a photography business because I really do keep the two very separate, and the thought of them running into me in this whole other role seemed so strange.

Then I attended a workshop in Denver over the summer and ran into another photographer and we got to talking. I am attending a Conference in Florida in February with Clickin' Moms and as we talked, I realized I had signed up for a course she was teaching there. Angie Klaus is an incredibly talented film maker and photographer and her birth films are just so beautiful. As we sat and had a drink and talked about my fears, and goals, in that moment unbeknownst to her, she got my wheels turning. Maybe I really could dive into this world, maybe I needed to step out of that fear and think about my future in a whole new light? I have plans to retire from my nursing career in January 2020 (it will mark my 20 years at Summerlin Hospital), and what a time to really do this. I could continue to be a part of people's birth stories but in a whole new capacity! Angie agreed to mentor me as I delve into this area, and I am beyond excited to see where this goes. I plan to expand into birth and family films over the next few years.

I filmed a birth story for a client of mine that has believed and trusted in me as her beautiful family has grown. I am so grateful that she let me document her birth and it just completely cemented my desire to take this direction in my business. This will be where my focus will go over these next two years. This is just a portion of her birth video, (it will be posted in her entirety as I re-vamp my website)

second half wren birth story from Lisa Weingardt on Vimeo.



Early in the year two of my long time clients graciously agreed to let me film a few clips during their family sessions even though I had had very little experience at this time! I have definitely grown since then, but here is a little look at their sessions:

jensen short clip from Lisa Weingardt on Vimeo.

short version luedtke from Lisa Weingardt on Vimeo.


So, in ending.. what does this mean for Little Loo Photography, you may ask?

As I approach this new goal of mine, I will be taking on less studio clients, and will be changing the services I offer over the next two years to concentrate my focus on birth photography and film as well as family photography and film, and will be re-working my brand. You will see changes roll out over the next few weeks, months, and years as those changes are made.

I am excited for all that this will bring, and sure hope you join me for this ride! I appreciate all of you who have believed in me and supported me, it means the world to me!


Las Vegas Newborn Photographer | Little Levi ( 6 days)

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This is another family that I had the pleasure of documenting in both their maternity and newborn sessions, and from the moment I met them, I just loved them! They really had the best connection and the anticipation leading up to this little man's arrival was just palpable. I just love hearing the story of how people met and watching them interact as they tell it. These two have an awesome story and an even better one of little Levi's beginnings. To say that mom and dad are huge Cub's fans would be an understatement, and this little man's story began after game 8 of the World Series of the long awaited Cubs taking it all!

Here are some of my favorites from our session together:

newborn session Las Vegas Little Loo Photography baby photographer Las Vegas newborn boy with browns and newsie hat newborn aviator hat newborn wearing aviator hat newborn boy Las Vegas newborn boy with baseball set up newborn baseball session newborn with parents mom and newborn

Las Vegas Maternity Photographer | Barker Love Grows

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I have been so fortunate in having clients that have stuck through me from my early years through changes in my business, increase in prices, and growth as a photographer, and they have become so dear to me on a deep personal level. I am so grateful for that trust and don't take it lightly. Trusting me with documenting your family is huge to me.

This family found me when mom was pregnant with their first. We connected really quickly as we realized her sister and my daughter played soccer together, Nicole is also a labor and delivery nurse, and they both are just incredible human beings. Although I have worked with them multiple times, I always am just so nervous before sessions. I spend time going through client questionnaires and talking about outfits and locations and expectations in hopes that I really capture images that they will be proud display, and images that will bring pleasant memories and joy when looked through the years to come. I want them to see the beauty in themselves that I see through my lens, and to me that is a huge task. I want to capture their personalities and the connections that they have with each other. I want to capture the way a mama looks at her children, the pride that a father has as he watches the mother of his children glow.

Sessions with toddlers can be really unpredictable and for that reason, I approach them with a very laid back, casual, and fun attitude. To make up for their being so unpredictable, they are so cute and so expressive. Their own personalities have really come out and they are really wanting to explore and play, and assert their own will, and pushing against that never ends well. It leaves moms and dads frustrated and children unhappy. I have had so many mamas leave session thinking we surely didn't get anything and are always surprised when I send galleries over.

Here are some of my favorites from our session together:

sunset maternity session Las Vegas beautiful sunset maternity session sunset session Las Vegas Las Vegas maternity photographer family maternity session lifestyle maternity session Little Loo Photography mom and toddler during maternity session dad and son holding hands dad and toddler playing Las Vegas maternity photographer mom and dad kissing Van Barker

Las Vegas Newborn Photographer | Theodore Rex {17 days}

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I have known this family for quite sometime, and have had the pleasure of photographing their extended family and was just so excited when I had the opportunity to photograph their newest addition. This family has been through it over the past few years, and the road to this moment and this little man has not been easy by any means, to have them in front of my camera capturing this moment in time for them was such a blessing an an honor. Life is precious, there is no doubt about that.

Here are some of my favorites from our session together:

chunky newborn baby boy baby expressions newborn boy in mint and creams newborn poses newborn boy squishy newborn eyelashes newborn photographer las vegas airplane prop newborn session aviator newborn session newborn baby boy las vegas family pose newborn session mom and newborn son

Las Vegas Baby Photographer | Jax is One!

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I am just so in love with Jax's one year Cake Smash session, it just turned out so adorable! I was so happy when Jax's mom found me while searching for a Las Vegas baby photographer to document his first year. They are huge baseball fans and so she wanted to incorporate that into a few images before we dove into the cake smash. I do allow one outfit change outside of the cake smash, but at this age we don't get a whole lot of time before they are done with me so they typically last less than an hour total. The great thing about this age group is that you capture a whole lot of adorable in a short amount of time, because they are just so expressive and fun at this age!

Here are some of my favorites from our session together:

baby photographer in Las Vegas baseball themed one year session one year old in baseball uniform asian baby one year session Asian baby baseball themed session jungle themed cake smash one year cake smash boy jungle theme for cake smash one year session boy cake smash with jungle theme

Las Vegas Newborn Photographer | Irelynd

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Little Irelynd's mom found me a couple of months before Irelynd was due, which is the perfect time to contact me and set up your newborn session. I do tend to fill up month's in advance and because of the nature of newborns many times arriving in their own time, and my preference in photographing them in those first two weeks of life, I really limit the number of sessions I book a month. I want to be able to accommodate families when they deliver. Irelynd was 8 days old for her newborn session, which is perfect! I just couldn't get over her adorable head of hair and her perfect little features. It was so fun to capture her with her family and her big sister as well. Here are some of my favorites from our session together:

las vegas newborn session girl newborn session with cream wrap newborn facial expressions newborn asian baby newborn squishy lips newborn wrapping newborn with big sister big sister kissing her baby sister newborn poses with sibling big sister with newborn newborn mom and newborn baby in studio parent posing newborn session newborn in purple colors

Las Vegas Baby Photographer | Sweet little Amelia

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Sweet little Amelia is another little client that I had the pleasure of photographing as a newborn and I just love it when my newborn clients come back to me again throughout that first year. It is just so fun to see them grow and change, and their little personalities emerge.

Here are some of my favorites from Amelia's milestone session:

Las Vegas Baby Photographer | Allison is Sitting

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I just adore documenting milestone ages as my little newborn clients grow and change over that first year. It is so awesome to see their little personalities develop and change throughout their first year. Allison still looked so much like she did as a newborn and man, oh man, check out those adorable little squishy rolls. She had me right there !

Here are some of my favorites from our session together:

milestone session with Little Loo Photography 6 month session girl 6 month session chubby girl 6 month pose ideas 6 month session using bucket baby at six month old playing with toys milestone session with favorite toys 6 month session 6 month old session with flokati

Las Vegas Family Photographer | The Kaisk Family

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I used to work with this beautiful mama on labor in delivery here in Las Vegas, and just loved working with her. She has a true heart for people and such a gift in making her patients feel like they are the most important people in the world, and such a hard worker. It was so sad to see her leave us for a position in office that would open up more time to be with her beautiful little family. Her husband is an incredibly talented photographer and boy was I nervous to photograph another photographer! He was amazing though and their whole session was just so incredibly fun!

Here are some of my favorites from our session together:

sibling poses on blankets brother and sister on blanket big sister posing with baby brother fun family session girl in family's arms during session 6 month old baby boy during family session dad and daughter moments during photography session mom and dad leaning against fence mom and daughter interacting during session mom and daughter walking during session mom and daughter touching noses dad and baby during family session baby on dad's shoulderes baby sitting on blanket during session 6 month old baby boy outdoor session backlight dad playing with daughter during session beautiful light during session daughter hugging dad